Till Death Do Us Pa...
By seawrites5
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The Dumont family is a heavily respected family in the Wizarding World. Unlike other families, such as the Malfoy family, they are not feared as many view them as kind. Although, their poised front is simply an act. They hold a huge secret, which is that they are some of Voldemort's loyalest followers. Before Vienna Dumont's sixth year at Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic, she is beyond excited to learn that she will not only be transferring to Hogwarts, but working for the Dark Lord himself. Draco Malfoy also learns he will be joking the Dark Lord, but he does not share the same excitement. Especially when he learns that he and Vienna are competing for their lives. After all, Vienna will stop at nothing to please Voldemort.

till death do us part

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Till Deat...
by seawrites5