Against everything...
By Thyssiana2014
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You are Kakashi's student and part of team 7. This story is based after Sasuke has left since Sai is mentioned a few times. You are around 16-17 in this story, enjoy. EDIT 6/5/2019- Thank you to everyone who has followed this story for so long. Sadly I've made the choice to end this story. I was around 13 when I started writing this and now I'm 19 and honestly dislike a lot of the themes and choices I put in as a young teenager. I'm super sorry to anyone who was hoping for an update. If anyone ever wants to continue this story with their own rendition, please feel free to! I get a lot of people who dislike leaving a story unfinished. If you do please link back to the original story and respect any versions other people might make but aside from that do what you'd like! Thank you for reading, much love <3

Under the mask

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Against e...
by Thyssiana2014