New Starts (The Bil...
By kikiceleste_
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As I feel her touch I can't help but smile and relax. I felt calmer now as I move slightly and turn around to face her. She looks up at me and I lace my arms around her body so our bodies are pressed against each others. "I love you." I say. She looks at me surprised and then smiles. "I love you too.", "I don't think that I say it enough." She touches my cheek and then lowers her hand again. "Well...each time you say it to me is special." I grin and kiss her. Months have passed since Tessa Erickson and Nicolai Piercy have met. Since then...they got engaged but when many surprises come their way it changes things for the couple. As they deal with lies, secrets, love, and loss-will the two of them stand by each others sides through it all and have a new start in life? ~*~ Cover created by: kikiceleste_ Rated PG-13: (Strong language, sexual situations)

New Starts

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New Start...
by kikiceleste_