The Freak Accident...
By phoenixakri
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You and Jean Kirschtein have been dating for a little over five years now. Honestly he's the only reason you believe in love most of the time. But everyone knows that the honeymoon stage never lasts nearly enough. Eventually couples start fighting and saying things they don't mean. You two have a fight in the car when you bring up how he's bad with commitment. Jean will then retort with how you're not such a hotshot girlfriend and how he wished he never met you. Only his wishes come true in a short period of time. A freak accident leaves Jean with the classic case of amnesia and you can't help but think it's nothing but a sick joke. After all how convenient is forgetting everything but his best friend from high school, especially right after he implied he thought you were cheating on him?

Chapter I : One Cold Coffee Please!

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The Freak...
by phoenixakri