Once Bitten: Twice...
By conleyswifey
  • Historical Fiction
  • apocalypse
  • cowboys
  • death
  • love
  • outlaw
  • published
  • zombies


America 1887 Times have changed. The country that was once booming, growing and thriving is now a wasteland of death and destruction. A sickness has swept through the land and the results have been devastating. The war fought twenty years ago may have caused father and son to pick up guns against one another, but this sickness has caused father to eat sons face off while daughter gnaws on mother's leg. Those that have avoided the sickness refer to those sick as 'rabid'. The 'rabid' are mad. Crazy. They are rotting, mindless, killing machines that want only one thing; to sink their teeth into those that are not 'rabid'. And in doing so cause their prey to catch the sickness and join their rabid mob. As if hiding from the 'rabid' weren't enough of a struggle, survivors must also worry about one another. Decency, honor and helping thy neighbor are a thing of the past. Now it's survival of the fittest and only the strong will make it out alive. Then an old man arrives, recruiting survivors to help him on a quest. A quest to the far west and the salvation that is said to lie there. Join Colt, Ox, Silas, Comanche, Katherine, Charlotte, Frankie and Evangeline as each of them fights their own battle for survival, somehow ending up together on a journey to peace, redemption and possibly..... a cure?

Once Bitten: Twice Mad

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Once Bitt...
by conleyswifey