Bonds: Book One in...
By JoeyRichardson
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It is the year 3013 AHD (After Heilagr's Discovery) and the galaxy is on edge. Tensions run high between the biggest government in the galaxy, United Colonial Federation and an organization of independent colonies known as the Golden Nova. A unit known as the Death Pack consisting of four special strike teams fight the corruption that spreads among the stars. Gangs, politicians, and entire regimes have been brought down thanks to them. Even though there are several high ranking officials who disagree with their ways, the common folk continue to sing their praises but there is a greater matter. A new enemy has watched and patiently waited for the time to strike. Ready to make their presence known, they have selected the perfect target to send a message that none will be able to ignore.

New Prologue

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Bonds: Bo...
by JoeyRichardson