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By Ziam_Mayne2012
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Justin and Zayn Bieber have been happily married for 8 years now. They live a beautiful big home in sunny Calabasas, California with their children. Justin is a well know pop singer who travels the world to sing to his millions of adoring fans. Zayn is his beautiful princess who stays at home and takes care of their beautiful three children; Louis, Liam, and Harry. Meet the Biebers Justin- Justin Drew Bieber, or better known as daddy, is a 26 year old pop star. Who will anything to keep his family happy and safe. His princess means the world to him. He will die for him. Justin is the more laid back parent, but when it comes to being tough on his children he will be. Zayn- Zayn Javvad Bieber, or better known as mummy, is a 25 year old stay at home mummy. She is a big mama bear when it comes to her babies. She will do anything to make sure they are safe. She loves to wear women's clothing (Zayn was born a boy, but likes to dress and be treated as a woman. So picture Veronica when reading this) and she loves her husband for accepting her just the way she is. Louis- Louis William Bieber, is the oldest of the three Bieber children. Louis is a very energetic 7 year old who loves soccer and his family. His favorite movie is Cars. He loves both his parents, but sometimes he loves his daddy more because he plays soccer with him. Liam- Liam James Bieber, is the middle child. He is an adorable, shy, but active 3 year old. He loves to play with both his brothers. He loves when Louis asks him to play with him, and he also loves to play with little Harry. His favorite thing to do is play with his Toy Story dolls that his mummy bought him because he was being a good boy. Harry- Harry Edward Bieber, is the youngest of the Bieber children. Harry is the cute 1 and a half year old who loves to cuddle with his mummy. He loves to play with his big brothers (when they let him). Daddy tells him he's going to be a heart breaker. Book cover by @WhenWeAreOne

Chapter One- Mornings at the Bieber Household

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by Ziam_Mayne2012