Eager Beaver [Book...
By damsunjung
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Minatozaki Sana, 31, is just about to embark on her life after a series of unfortunate events, while her two roommates-turned-lovers have already planned their wedding and are on their way to explore a new half of their lives together. Of course, she envies them, but this is a well-deserved life for this young pair. Soon after - just as Sana felt her life was resuming - while sitting pretty, and listening to the wedding ceremony, her gaze ran into a horror from her past: Lim Nayeon. Nayeon is well-known since she is the daughter of one of South Korea's most successful attorneys. She, however, did not follow in her father's footsteps and instead chose to forge her own. Nayeon is now renowned for founding the Lim Museum of Arts and Sculptures. In any case, this woman is one of Sana's worst nightmares. One that, she claims, caused the troubles in her life that she is unable to fix. It seems exaggerated to me, but Sana certainly loathes Nayeon for a reason. Sana's luck does not improve as she discovers that one of the wonderful persons who recommended her for full-time office work is Lim Nayeon's half-sister, Kim Dahyun. Connection with this new character in Sana's life would imply that she is once again in the same milieu as Nayeon, which screams a wrong idea. Hmm, isn't it too complex to start with? Nevertheless, Sana is an eager beaver, and nothing will stop her from working for the life she believes she deserves.

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Eager Bea...
by damsunjung