I Call Her Blueberry
By kimmyxad
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"If my lip wasn't a wreck. I would kiss you so intensely right now that our lips burnt and I wouldn't stop until your lips awoken in realization that my lips was the only lips you ever wanted to kiss for as long as time." He had said those words easily with confidence as a cheeky smirk refused to wipe from his face. His words had made my heart beat faster. I had never imagined what it would be like to kiss Stephan, but I was beginning to. Warning!! Do not read, side effects may cause weeping, shipping, anger outbursts, heart melting moments, you might feel the urge to wanna fight someone, and of course the biggest side effect of them all..love/hate feels for Stephan Ross Duke. PLEASE NOTE. THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT SO IT WILL CONTAIN GRAMMATICAL ERRORS AND SO FORTH AND SO ON ETC. *LANGUAGE* *STEPHAN & PAISLEY'S POINT OF VIEW* Completed July 16Th 2015


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I Call He...
by kimmyxad