Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse...
By vaniwrites__
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This story is about a small girl who is an orphan , her own parents leave her in an orphanage because they hate her. But she doesn't understand what her mistake is that no one loves her. Love is far away why anyone not like her in orphanage also. So, she decided to ran away because she can't live life this. She ran at the 11y years old.s On the other hand a boy was rich, but whose family killed by there rivals in front of his eyes & snatched there money property everything. At that time he was just 9 years old but very mature in small age. He is burning from inside and wants to take revenge but struggling in studies in illegal orphanage. But soon he becomes free from that orphanage when he is 15 years old. What will happen when they both cross the path with eachother? Siddharth is 15 years old and avneet is 13 years old when they meet. #1 in #sidneetšŸ˜ #1 in #India #1 in #care #1 in #orphanage #1 in #forgiveandforget #4 in #orphan #4 in #wattpadfanfiction #8 in #wattpadauthors #26 in #childhood #62 in #friends #82 in #wattpad


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Kuch Toh...
by vaniwrites__