Celestial Ethereal...
By misswolfstarwrites
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Hiero Franopoulos, God of Ampier. A Demigod who has a soft heart for humans. He loved all the humans under his protection that he did everything for them, until he fell in love with a girl. A girl with dark motives. Hiero was deceived by the woman he loves that his perspective towards the humans changed. He grew old and grey thinking that he should've listened to his siblings that the humans are hideous and furious little beasts. Until one day, he decided to put an end to his life. He scattered his soul. Pieces of his soul are dragged by the wind to all directions, none of his people know where he had gone. All they know was he's been mad at them that the tower he resides looked scarier than it really was. The Town of Ampier looked so dark for their patron was nowhere to find. Since then, none of them spoke of the lost Demigod. Deous Adamos, a Magister. He was a man born from a human mother and a beast father. But he have hidden his real identity to live a normal life. Together with his cousins Sigil and Andreus, they lived a peaceful life in the City of Broones. Until the magister met a boy with an amber-colored eyes and coal black hair With a desire to reach the far tower. A boy with a great desire to reach a town that everyone has forgotten. All of the happenings in his life, meeting a boy that looks exactly like the Demigod that he looked up to changed his life. Will his acquaintance with the boy bring wealth and prosperity to his life? Or will it bring him trouble? Will the Ampierians find their long lost patron? CELESTIAL ETHEREAL SERIES #4: ECHIDNA by grayrabbitXI. Project Finish V Collaboration All rights reserved 2023.


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by misswolfstarwrites