cars. money. &s...
By kook-trash
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The word of fast cars and money was hard to infiltrate but once you have, it's hard to get out. Jeon Jungkook knows this first hand and yet he can't stop himself from wanting Lee Aerin to be in it with him. Lee Aerin is your average socialite with too much money and attention than anyone like her really deserves. She's in it for the fun and no care for consequences. Getting roped into the underground street racing scene was just a new adventure for her. Or at least it is until she realizes how dangerous it could really be. 🔞 MINORS DNI TW: 🔞 mature content: alcohol consumption, mature language, sexual relationships, violence, explicit scenes, illegal street racing, corrupt politics, mafia/yakuza implications. weapons. NOT member x member

cars. money. &sex.

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cars. mon...
by kook-trash