From Water to Fire...
By saigeyissweg
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{CAUTION: I Saigeyisweg do not own any of the characters, you own yourself. Or the plot, I only own your plot in this story, and your history, background in this story etc. etc. everything else in this story belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto} __________________________________ (Y/N) was just an ordinary 12 year old Jōnin from the Village Hidden in the leaves, her past is known only by her and the Hokage. Her life was peaceful, as was the place she called home, until she was assigned to a cover-up mission to keep an eye on the infamous Naruto Uzumaki. Throughout her journey with Squad 7 she starts acting strange and starts slipping up parts of her past, which gets everyone wondering what happened in her past and where she REALLY came from. What is this secret she's trying so hard to protect? Will she be able to keep her secret safe? Or will her true power finally show? . . . "... It's hard... and sickens me to admit it... But to this day, when I saw them in pain... It was pleasurable for me. I found it... Amusing. And that sickens me, to think, that even now... I'm still unable to convince myself it was bad." __________________________________ PLEASE INFORM ME WHEN YOU SEE ME ACCIDENTALLY REFER TO YOU AS SHE OR HER WHEN YOU SHOULDN'T BE SO I CAN FIX IT Please take my 2 question poll about who you want and don't want to be paired with in this story, this will help with the progression of the story>>>>>

Chapter 1 - Enter! Naruto Uzumaki (PART 1)

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From Wate...
by saigeyissweg