Running Towards The...
By illusions543
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The brightest candles burn out the fastest. ... Everyone said he was the strongest, the most daring, the most skilled. Everyone said she was the best, the most efficient, the most talented. They both stood alone, fought alone. Both for their own reasons, for their own redemption. And upon their backs, both carry regrets, promises, destinies, expectations, fates. ... But to continue on they have to find someone to share those burdens. And hopefully, hopefully, before they burned out. -in this story, Mikasa (and the other cadets) is older and Levi (and other squad leaders/commanders/etc.) is younger then portrayed in Isayama's original (therefore, the age gap is not as ...intimidating). -oh, and heads up guys, I tend to be rather slow at adding new chapters, sorry and I'll update my previously published chapters often because... well because I hate it when I have errors, sorry if that bothers you but please read!

Chapter 1 - Alone

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Running T...
by illusions543