Just Say It Back (...
By Justarandomfan13
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Love hurts... Love is confusing... After dating for years, the now ex-couple, Y/N and Hanni, have separated. The busy schedule of Hanni's idol life had torn apart the relationship. Hanni had fallen out of love and felt wrong for keeping Y/N, even though her feelings were no longer the same. The two once-starcrossed lovers had a love that seemed unbreakable, but with cracks slowly forming, the endless love for each other was shattered into a million pieces. As time passed, Y/N slowly erased Hanni from his heart, but after being offered a new job opening as ADOR's music producer, Y/N is now constantly seeing his beloved ex-girlfriend. His new position as a music producer had opened many doors, one of them being a chance to have Hanni back in his life again. With Y/N's love for Hanni still deep in his heart, will Y/N and Hanni get back together? "The worst pain... Is when you see the person you love losing feelings for you" "I love you... Please Just say it back..."

1) What We Used to Have

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Just Say...
by Justarandomfan13