The queen
By Hot_land_night
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Everyone always talks about the king and his love who is mostly the second wife, but no one thinks about his first wife. The one who suffers and go through pain of seeing her husband with another woman. This is a story about a same kind of woman the unloved wife. But she is not like others the one who will sit in the corner and cry. She is the one who fights for her rights and takes what she knows she deserve. An independent woman born in The wrong time line of the 14th century in Indian. Where woman were not given the rights they deserves she was fighting for her. A story about a strong woman. #Disclaimer# This story is a complete fake. Everything in it is my imagination. And it is only for entertainment. If reading this book hurts your feeling please leave. But if you like it then enjoy. Thank you.


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The queen
by Hot_land_night