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  • streetfighter
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  • torture
  • trauma
  • triggerwarning
  • twins


Laura Giovanna Scarlett Rossi/Black is a 17-year-old girl living a complicated life. Laura grew up being abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by her mother. This only got worse when her mother met Adam (stepfather). Laura is not an innocent, shy girl. She is a street fighter, street racer, assassin, mafia leader, and CEO. Laura has had many things happen in her life to shape her into the person she is today... good and bad. However, she has grown into a strong independent woman. But when her mother Hannah and stepfather Adam mysteriously die, Laura is sent to live with her biological family the Rossi's. Laura has no memory of her biological family... yet. Laura doesn't believe this will end well, but will they prove her wrong? Will Laura open up to her family about her traumatic past and reveal her secrets? The Rossi's have many secrets of their own... many that will change Laura's life forever. Will Laura finally find love from her family? Will she meet a love interest? Will her past finally catch up to her? Follow along for the story of Laura Giovanna Scarlett Rossi. BOOK 1 ⚠️THERE WILL BE SMUTT⚠️ _____________________________________ started: February 14, 2023 ended:


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