He's My Tutor? 🔒...
By IzzySaysHaii
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What happens when your old best friend enters your life again without you having any choice. Not because he's your brothers best friend but because he's your new tutor. Cece and Jace used to be best friends since they were born but a month after her brother's and her tenth birthday Jace starts acting funny, ignoring her, he started bullying her and pushing her away, he wants nothing to do with her existence. Cece has no idea why he is being the way he is. Her twin brother Tanner although he's overprotective with her lets Jace do what he wanted to her when they were little because he thought he was teasing her and liked her, but as they grow older he realizes it was just all in his head and that he doesn't like her considering they stopped talking, and hanging out. What happens when Cece has no other choice than to leave her old best friend into her life, just because she has to pass senior year, and he's the smartest guy in her high school to help her pass.


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He's My T...
by IzzySaysHaii