Fake Boyfriend
By _neanea_
  • Teen Fiction
  • cliques
  • cockiness
  • faking
  • hurt
  • love
  • secrets


"I need you to be my fake boyfriend." I told him as if it was the easiest thing to say, but I was praying silently he would say yes. Jax was silent for a second his dark eyes stared at me with shock, then a playful smirk came across his pink luscious lips. "Does this mean you're catching feelings for me Paige Scout?" I rolled my eyes. Of course that means I'm catching feelings for you idiot, but I won't admit it! Since the breakup, and when my family moved away I knew I could forget about Jax. But I knew the feelings were coming back again when I found out he's now at my new school. So when I asked him to be my fake boyfriend (for a reason of course) and he gave in and followed along, I knew that journey was coming back into a full, wild, tear filled, and hateful twist.

Chapter 1: Fake Boyfriend

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Fake Boyf...
by _neanea_