His Abused Mute Luna
By _cassyleporati_
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Nineteen-year-old Angelica Winter is a human girl. She has little knowledge of life outside of her mother's torment, and she doesn't believe she ever will. For ten years, she's been verbally and physically mistreated. The horrible treatment makes her feel like she's not human, like she's nothing, but when she makes a mistake, a choice has to be made: have her only purity be defiled or risk an escape? Twenty-two-year-old Axel Moretti is an Alpha werewolf. He's searched for his mate for four years, slowly losing hope that he doesn't have one due to his cruelty. He unexpectedly finds her. However, when he meets her, something seems very wrong. She's an overly startled human, and what's worse, she refuses to meet his eyes. When the reason for her strange ways comes to light, will Axel be able to keep his cruel ways under control in order to heal his scarred, reluctant mate? Or will he unravel and lose the love of his life forever? • ⚠️‼️TRIGGER WARNING‼️⚠️ THIS STORY CONTAINS DETAILED SCENES OF THE ACTS LISTED BELOW (Abuse, Derogatory Language, Rape, Sexual Assault, Violence, Suicide Attempts, Mutilation, Self-Harm) THIS BOOK IS A SLOWBURN! NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AS PAPERBACK AND EBOOK • Started: 06/07/23 Finished: 11/09/23 • Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf as of 11/21/23

Chapter One

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His Abuse...
by _cassyleporati_