On the Run
By cecedeshona
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AN URBAN NOVEL | Ace and America - A woman and a man with a close relationship can sometimes be hard to maintain, especially when there are so many setbacks that are standing in the way. These two rebels are on the prowl for money. In the large city of Irvine, California, they terrorize neighborhoods and larger areas in search of dead presidents to add to their growing collection of cash. The thrill of being in charge is exciting and despite the dangerous aspects of it all, they manage to get through the long days with the help of their strong relationship that holds them together. With one dealing with bipolar disorder, and the other coming to learn their own underlying and unfounded disorder, things are thrown off course and their relationship is ultimately put to the test. What happens when ONE event leaves them On The Run and fighting to keep their relationship in tune, or worst yet, fighting for the freedom of their lives? [ Highest Rankings : ] - #1 in #streetlit - #3 in #urbannovel - #1 in #blackmentalhealth - #15 in generalfiction

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On the Run
by cecedeshona