All is Fair in Love...
By Renn_Mirooo
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Wren Nicholas Vozenilek . A wealthy girl with an obsession of collecting weaponry. With a picture perfect family. With a beautiful face and figure. She had it all. However, what sorts of secrets are being hidden behind that perfect smile and lousy attitude? What is concealed beneath that idyllic family? Why would she want more than what she already possesses? These questions were all asked by one particular boy. Verse Relish Vanidestin. A filthy rich boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. As the only male among his siblings, he has everything. Though, in order to inherit his father's wealth, he had to play by the rules. Till she arrived. And forced him to shatter all the rules. "The girl who stole his heart in the mere second their eyes met in." ....... 1st in #losthope 4th in #lostlove

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All is Fa...
by Renn_Mirooo