Loving The Mafia ||...
By bakerjiminie
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"Come here" "What?" "I said come here" He pulls her on his lap and his hands slid inside her top unclipping her bra as she clenched his shirt and tears welled up in her eyes. "D.. don't d..o th..is plea..se" When the cold arrogant mafia falls in love with an innocent girl who is ready to give her heart to the one she loves. He is the devil who can burn the world to protect the one he loves. They fall in love but much more awaits them. Read how Taehyung protects and loves his Y/n. Starting Date: 02/08/23 Ending Date: ✨ This is my first Fanfiction so please vote and tell your opinions. © bakerjiminie

Marriage with Mafia King

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Loving Th...
by bakerjiminie