The Dominant Billio...
By OmniaMahmoud393
  • Romance
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She approached him out of revenge for the death of her sister, thinking that he was the perpetrator, she tried to approach him in various ways, until she worked for him inside the giant's edifice, and then she started implementing her plan until she approached him ، She used all tricks and methods, especially her beauty, and the magic she enjoys, capable of seducing a saint, as well as his personality, who knows how it affects a person like him As for him, he raised him from the first day he saw him, he wanted to possess him at all costs, but he only intended to make her a queen subject to him and his desires، But what happened he did not expect, he loved her without knowing As for her at first, I imagined that he wanted to have more, she lied to every voice telling her that he loved her and that she also began to fall in love with him He became confused about her, especially after what she did with him, which made him commit suicide ، He no longer knows whether he can forgive her and start with her again, or torture him for what she did ! ؟ She also leaves his sister's revenge, do you give it up for love ! ؟ And if Adam happens and forgives her while Allen waives his sister's right, will his enemies give up revenge on them !؟

chapter 1

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The Domin...
by OmniaMahmoud393