Lost In love (Jeff...
By ShadowSaint2400
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Warning: this story has Yaoi (boyxboy) If you dont like than don't read! OH LOOK THE SHIP THAT NO ONE LIKES AHAHAHA!!!! Jeff The Killer has been living In the CP house for 6 year when suddnley there a new comer. Ticci Toby is the new Proxy at the Cp house and has a semi small crush on Maskey, But will happen when SlenderMan tells Toby that he Is no longer rooming with Maskey but the mass killer and SlenderMan's Rival Jeff the Killer. Will a Love between the two bloom or fade as Maskey Tells a untrue but dark secret to Jeff's only true Love. TOBY! (if I think that something will get...too....Crazy I will put **** that way you will know if you need to skip the page(s) You have been warned to don't like smut than dont read it)

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Lost In l...
by ShadowSaint2400