Ruthless -ON HOLD-
By YouCanCallMeAl
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He makes a sound of approval, one that betrays the human side of me by appealing to my wolf. "Do not forget your place again. Keep your eyes down, I want to inspect you." Inspect me? Like some show dog? He begins circling me. I feel akin to prey. "You're a tiny thing," he muses, sounding impossibly both unimpressed and pleased by this. "She's not as forward as you described, Paul. In fact, she's awfully submissive," he pauses briefly. "I'd like to see her wolf. If she's going to stand by my side, she'll need to fight there as well, and I can't begin to judge her abilities as a fighter in her human form." I snap my head up again. A mistake I imediately regret. Cole is in front of me in a flash, his hand in my hair, forcing my gaze to meet his. With no other options but to stare directly at him, I muster all my defiance and disgust towards him and convey it silently to him. He holds my stare for a bit, challenging me and damn I want to look away, but I don't. "There's that fire," he murmurs, "She doesn't back down easily does she?" Cole inquires to my father. Then to me growls, "But that fire will get you into a hell of a lot of trouble with me, do you understand? I will not have a defiant bitch for a mate. You will fight by me, not with me." A little bit of fear and a hell ton of anger sifts into my mind and my resolve dissipates entirely and without control. I look away.

A Ruthless Mate

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by YouCanCallMeAl