Power struggle - sa...
By Astroixc020060
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I just started writing this for the hell of it. I don't mind if no one sees this, but if you are reading thank you! Anyways, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Y/n moves to a new school, PK academy, she finds herself unable to read the mind of a specific pink haired boy, realising this she decides to explore more of this strange guy and why her powers don't work on him. Little did she know, they're both two of one kind! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cover and art made by yours truly ✌︎('ω') ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer! I don't own these characters! I only own the story! The characters are from the manga and anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Chapter 1 - y/n pov

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Power str...
by Astroixc020060