On Top Of The World
By _daishaaaa
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Gia Rameriz is a beautiful 18 year old badass who has just graduated high school . She doesn't really trust males . The only male who seems to have made his way through that is Dominic . Dominic Young is a 19 year old heartbreaker who could really care less about females and their hearts . He's the true definition of a player . The only female he has a " soft spot " for is Gia . Dominic & Gia have been friends for atleast a year now. They both find eachother VERY attractive ! After realizing he does somewhat have a heart , will Dominic change his ways and find REAL love or will he continue to mess with hearts ? What about Gia ? Will she finally be able to fully trust or will it all be a lie ? Find out in " On Top Of The World "

Chapter 1

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On Top Of...
by _daishaaaa