Winning the Heart o...
By BlackDrop
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A girl like every other meets a guy like no other. Happy with her life, Addison wanted nothing to change it. Her and her boyfriend are going to college together as soon as school is finished, she'll visit her friends on the weekend and once a month she'll make it home to visit her family. Everything is planned. But soon, Addison starts to realise not everything is perfect. Jax is thrown into a life he hates and swore he would never have. Having never had the 'normal' family, it wasn't something he was used to and definitely not what he wanted. Boosting cars, street fighting and hustling money was his everyday life. High School, family dinners and house rules were his idea of hell and he certainly didn't plan on sticking to them. This is a story of difference, hate and two very feisty people, but will it end with something more?

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Winning t...
by BlackDrop