Oscar Tweed: A Stri...
By MatthewBecket
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • boston
  • butler
  • creepy
  • english
  • funny
  • ghost
  • mansion
  • spiritualism
  • supernatural
  • tea
  • witty


Oscar Tweed paid good money to have his fancy London butler shipped all the way to Boston just to make the perfect cup of tea. The butler, Cyril Crutchley, doesn't even last a day! In a freak accident, he falls to his death and becomes a ghost. The twisted Oscar Tweed uses dark magic to bind the butler forever to the earth, never allowing him to ascend to the heavens. Try as he might, the Butler Crutchley cannot refuse his master and gives in to the beauty and mystery of Tweed Manor. Crutchley soon discovers all is not what it seems. The manor holds deep secrets and the butler realizes that his cursed master may be worth saving. Cyril must decide if risking his pure soul for the likes of Oscar Tweed is worth the coveted title of "butler extraordinaire."

Novelette 1: The Séance Part 1

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Oscar Twe...
by MatthewBecket