Rescued by the Alph...
By Ikigai_Mochi
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Cassandra Moonshine is a 17 year old werewolf who lives with her little sister- Annabella- her mom, and her step dad. Cassandra is physically and sexually abused daily by her demanding stepdad when her mom isn't around. Cassandra can't shift because of the pills her stepdad forces her to take which prevents her from shifting. When Cassandra's step dad takes abuse to a new level, Cassandra has had enough. She won't let her sister be the next to be abused. One day while no one is home, Cassandra takes Annabella and runs away. She is found by a classmate, Kalea the Alpha of the Moonlight pack's sister. Alpha Dylan welcomes them both into the pack house. However, Cassandra has no trouble feeling comfortable with the werewolves in the house. All the while, her stepdad worries that Cassandra has gotten him into trouble. He devises a plan to get Cassandra and Annabella back into his possession. Will Cassandra and Annabella be returned back to him?


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Rescued b...
by Ikigai_Mochi