Little Sleeping Wor...
By Puffyfoxgal
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This story takes place in a world created out of our thoughts while dreaming, or even daydreaming, about nightmarish things. It follows the main character, a girl in the later half of her teenage years, who has been living in this world since she was but a child, or at least half of her has. While part of her aimlessly searches for help in rescuing her possessed friends in the haunted and cruel Sleepingworld, the other half of her that dwells in the Earth we know and goes about an average life. Read on to find out what becomes of the girl and her friends; who knows she might even meet some new acquaintances along the way. (If any Mrcreepypasta fans or Marble Hornet fans are reading this please no mean comments! I'm really new at this and would much rather prefer constructive criticism! Thanks!)

Little Sleeping World

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Little Sl...
by Puffyfoxgal