Finding Sawyer
By millie_
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[Sequel to Saving Sawyer] Six years ago, Sawyer Jameson's life changed forever. Five years ago, Sawyer Jameson needed saving and along came Graham Cambridge. Four years ago, they learned each others secrets and fell in love with each others flaws. They were happy, they were in love, and they almost had it all. But then reality set in, Graham left for college, and Sawyer was all alone in the world again. They tried their best and it worked for a while, until all of a sudden, it didn't, and the fairy tale couple ended it. Flash forward five months and Graham has graduated college and returns home to Massachusetts on a mission, only this time, he isn't alone. Now twenty-one-year-old Sawyer finds herself conflicted, caught in an intense battle of head versus heart. With a whole new set of obstacles in their way, including jealous exes, unforgiving friends, and the surprise no one saw coming, Sawyer and Graham are about to be tested in ways like never before. Full of love and hate, fate and heartache, the next three months are going to be the worst and best of their lives and if either of them make it out without losing their minds, it'll be a miracle. © Copyright 2015 Millie Morgan. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 01 | I Can't Be Just Friends With You

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Finding S...
by millie_