Old McLarsen Had So...
By cdcraftee
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As the title suggests, my second book of memoirs encompasses tales from our decade of dairying on our own farm, back in our home State of South Australia. A different learning curve from the first farm, but no less steep. This time much experience was gained the hardest way - 'hands on' and teaching ourselves. The stories abound, as before, of the whole gamut of feelings from ultimate happiness to the depths of despair. Another celebration of the human spirit that laughed in the face of the tough times, and endured... and survived. This is second book in my Old McLarsen had some Farms series - 'The Milky Way' features tales from our dairy farm in our home State of South Australia, and follows the first 'Old McLarsen... ' book 'Brave Beginnings' , available in ebook format at Amazon, and through Smashwords and their outlets, and I have been pre-recording excerpts for local radio. These are to be broadcast soon and I will be able to share them on Soundcloud in far superior quality than my amateurish sampling there just now. ** 28/2/2016 - I have found a most receptive and supportive home on Amazon's Write On by Kindle platform. I'm finding the other writers there full of helpful advice and opinions of writing problems, not to mention friendship and fantastic encouragement. - So much to learn on their forum, and weekly 500 word 'flash' story challenges to take up if you choose. Wonderful experience in looking outside the square, and tightening writing style. - Sorry to the few who have followed me, but I will be focusing my creativity at Tablo (because it's Australian and working hard to become a force in this field), and Write On. The personal benefits and learning curves are too fantastic for me to miss.

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Old McLar...
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