Bound to the Shadow...
By yonderstories
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A steamy new monster romance from the bestselling author of Ice Planet Barbarians! He is a hulking, winged beast, complete with claws and fangs, and she is trapped alone with him in a dark tower. She should be terrified of him, so why does he turn her on? Princess Candra must remain locked inside a tower for seven long years in order to protect her people from their goddess's wrath. Seven years without a friend-or a lover-by her side. And locked inside the tower with her? A fearsome, winged Fellian warrior, Nemeth. He's terrifying, cruel, and disturbingly magnetic... and the only other living being in the tower. Candra is torn between wanting to kill him for his supplies or having her way with him. After all, seven years is a long time to be alone. Written by: Ruby Dixon WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content, violence, and depictions of murder and death, serious illness and disease, starvation, war and conquest, pregnancy, abandonment, and slavery that may be upsetting for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. NOTE: YONDER is a new app from the creators of Wattpad and WEBTOON. This story has been published by the official YONDER profile on Wattpad with the contractual consent of its author.

Chapter One

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Bound to...
by yonderstories