The Blood Baron
By flatfoot860
  • Paranormal
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  • family
  • hybrid
  • murder
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warning is contains explicit blood and violence After the love of his life was killed and left for dead on the family doorstep, Isaac Baron-Cain over the course of 2 months tried to take his life, 17 times and failed every time, but how does an immortal unkillable being that is part wolf, part witch and part vampire kill himself when he can't rip out his own heart. The fact of the matter is he can't, but he undergoes immense psychological change as the anger stage of his grief takes over and he begins to change, and begins to develop a thirst, a thirst for revenge, and his family notices it when he single handily defeats one of the strongest beings in the supernatural world, a member of the ADL, the thirteen member elite police force of the supernatural world that isaac belongs to and Isaac becomes an ADL reaper a title usually delegated to notorious serial killers like Wolf Chalons who molested and raped over 135 children then killed them and consumed them. But with his status as an ADL reaper Isaac begins murdering and torturing high government officials, like members of Congress and the Secretary of State, So the supernatural world puts him under some pressure at that time, but lets him off the hook as he doesn't kill them, but they let him off the hook for being the mate of the grandson of the leader of the supernatural world, a man that Isaac loved deeply and had known since he was seven, and also because he's a member of the ADL but that all changes when he finds two guys in his apartment riffling through his stuff and he tires to kill them and when he sets his sight on killing the Vice president of the United States, the man who as the Director for the CIA ordered Isaac's lover to be killed. sequel to the family tradition

The Dare

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The Blood...
by flatfoot860