Disobedience Will B...
By NorthernWriterTom
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A teaser from the story.... Over and over again I fuck your tight little hole, until you are whimpering up a storm. Being fully pleasured by daddys cock. "I'm gonna cum daddy, I'm gonna cum" you began to scream. "That doesn't sound like a question baby girl, you're not allowed to cum little one, not yet" I say in a stern but delicate way. Your body is shaking. You can't handle anymore, "I am sorry daddy, I am sorry" you let out a huge moan as your pussy began to drip all over daddy's cock. White, creamy cum spills out of your pussy onto daddys big cock. "You fucking idiot" I begin to yell at you. "I told you not to fucking cum and look what you did you make a fucking mess" you, completely out of breath, apologize "I am so sorry for cumming daddy, it was just so much." "Well I hope you know you're getting punished for this'

Disobedience Will be punished

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by NorthernWriterTom