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By kovieky
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collection of one-shots mainly of taskforce 141, but maybe other call of duty characters? depends on how i feel. y/n is mainly gonna be using she/her pronouns. (i will do my best to remember to make a note if not using she/her pronouns) im going to try and not use physical descriptions of y/n (unless i get in a mood or need to) but the only thing ill make up is that ill be using the callsign "lucky" for the most part. thats really the only change tho so its still gonna be reader inserts. (hope that makes sense) (i might try putting in c/s for call sign but idk) im also american :/ so sorry if any characters or y/n come off as too american chapters dont follow any specific timeline, i have minimal knowledge on cod/military so some terms and explanations might be off (i look up info as i go), and i also havent played the game nor am i able to so yolo this is your trigger warning for death, injury, fighting, combat, guns, knives, torture, anxiety, nightmares, ptsd, and probs more that im forgetting. this is not a smut book, but there might be some suggestive moments

before you begin

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cod x rea...
by kovieky