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By stuck-in-the-colours
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Silverfur, the one who sings alone, didn't exactly have a easy life. Her parents were killed in front of her when she was 5 and everybody blamed her for no reason. She became the ultimate punching bag and omega of the sasori pack. Her only hope? Finding her mate. The day she turned 16, the day she would shift the first time to a extremely rare whit wolf, who is even bigger than an alpha wolf, was also the day she would meet her mate. Who unfortunately was the alphas son. When he rejects her throwing her into the river, she almost drowned. But that was also the day she got rescued, by the alpha of the zabrim pack( which happens to be the strongest pack in the world), Starclaw sword of truth. He adopts her as his daughter, and trains her to be the most beautiful werwolf ever to walk the pack grounds. But what happens when she has to meet her old pack again? And what will happen when she becomes alpha? And what happens when she meets her ex mate again? Read to find out. All rights belong to me.


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Reject an...
by stuck-in-the-colours