Untamable (Complete...
By UntoldPromises
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She was seventeen and living life in her idea of hell. Her brother, her pack and the kids at school have abused her since my parents died. It was obvious her brother needed someone to blame for their death and the pack wanted something to keep them occupied. They all chose the weakest link... Katerina Bathas. And knowing there was no way out, it was easier if she played along in their little games, waiting patiently for anything to be different. Her eighteenth birthday was days away and if she was lucky, she'd meet her mate. Someone who would treat her with respect and love her as who she was. Sadly, she's never been the kind you could call lucky. Katerina does find her mate and the moment he realizes who she is, he rejects her. She couldn't take anything more after that, her patience was too thin from yet another betrayal. She found herself doing what any sane person would do, what she should have done when all of it started... she runs. Two and a half years pass, not long before she finds herself in the small town she grew up. Her past and her future joining together as one. There was one thing Katerina could hold onto, the person she has built herself to me. And she knew her old pack would be faced with someone far more confident, daring and beautiful. Someone who was ready, if they wanted to try and play any more games.


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by UntoldPromises