i hate you
By just-a-star
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In a world where love and hate collide, Sylvie, a talented data analyst and mechanic, carries the weight of a recently-turned-toxic relationship with Arion, her long-term boyfriend. Meanwhile, Malachi is a skilled neurosurgeon with a heart of gold with whom she shares a deep-seated hatred as of the moment they first met. When a daring challenge from her best friend, Pandora Darius, forces Sylvie and Malachi together to plan an extraordinary Christmas party, the flames of their animosity threaten to ignite a different kind of fire. As they navigate the forced proximity, Sylvie discovers a new sense of comfort and understanding in Malachi's presence, while he uncovers the layers of vulnerability hidden beneath her tough exterior. Caught in a web of tangled emotions and conflicting loyalties, Sylvie and Malachi's journey takes an unexpected turn when an unforeseen tragedy strikes, shattering their fragile connection. Now, they must summon the strength to face their deepest fears, confront the demons of their past, and navigate a treacherous path strewn with heartbreak and loss. As they strive to create the perfect Christmas party, their simmering attraction threatens to unravel everything they've worked for. ------------ updates every Thursday!

i hate you

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i hate you
by just-a-star