Camp Hermit-Blood:...
By IndigoSilver08
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Grian can't escape the massive amount of guilt from what he did. He did it for a good reason... right? There's also the small matter of a past enemy coming after him. Again. Life doesn't get any better than this. Ren is a guinea pig. He hates it. He's tried everything to become a human again, but it's just not working. He's starting to lose hope. Bdubs is absolutely perfect in every way... okay, maybe he's not. If he can't start controlling his powers, he might end up cursing all of Hermitcraft and beyond with endless sleep, which might not be the worst thing. And what's more, he's been having dreams. But he can handle it. He's perfect, remember? Thalia and Percy are too similar. Annabeth says they act almost like siblings, but when she falls off a cliff, the "enemy" part becomes more important than the "friends." Tango is bored. He's out of redstone. Unfortunately, his communicator is stolen, and without it, he can't tell Xisuma he needs to go back. And he needs redstone to make it. Instead, he's stuck in the world of gods, monsters, and mortals, and being dragged into everyone else's problems as well. Gem is lost. The only good thing that's happened to her since landing on Circe's island is meeting Reyna and Hylla. Other than that, it's been pirates, monsters, and ending up in an unfamiliar place that's similar to Camp Half-Blood, but not quite the same. ------ This story is on Wattpad and Wattpad only. If you are reading from Teenfic or another site, then what you are reading is stolen. Come over here to Wattpad and read it for real! This is the third book of a series. Previous books: Camp Hermit-Blood; Camp Hermit-Blood: The Sea of Monsters. This is a Hermitcraft and Percy Jackson crossover fic. There is no shipping in this book except for canon PJO ships such as Percabeth. Cover art is not mine! Enjoy!


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Camp Herm...
by IndigoSilver08