The Alpha calls me...
By Music101011
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Scarlet Defense has been waiting patiently for her mate to come along. However, she doesn't have to wait too long after her move from Florida to Wisconsin to meet him. The day after her emotional brake down, she had gone to school only to be call bipolar for a few minor actions. I mean pushing someone up against their car and threatening them isn't that bad, is it? The next day, Scarlet feels brave enough to go back, and that is when she meets her Alpha mate Asher. He had been gone the day before handling pack business, but there he stood in all his glory right in front of her. Scarlet was frozen in place as his eyes snapped to her and he growled out that single word that made every girl shiver, "Mine." But there is one minor problem... Can he accept her baggage and the danger that she brings along with her?

Chapter one: The Alpha calls me his

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The Alpha...
by Music101011