She is my obsession
By Monstrous_beauty
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Lying on the floor was a woman in the puddle of blood. The pain in her eyes was evidently more than the pain from the wound from which the blood was oozing out. She made her way crawling to the body of a man lying on the floor on the other end. As she was about to touch the body, she was stopped by a figure in the black dress. "No, princess I cannot let you even touch him. I cannot even bear his lifeless body experiencing the touch of you. He, who is a mere mortal and for him you have forsaken these heavenly pleasures of fairyland. And from all you left me, I forbid it. I will cut his body into several pieces that his soul will be terrorized with mere mention of my name."

Ch1. Fairyland- The Begining or End

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She is my...
by Monstrous_beauty