Her, To Home
By Grey_Storm117
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He didn't stop when he reached her but leaned forward and kissed her hard, on the mouth. The air left her lungs. Maybe it was because it was her first kiss or because he had kissed her, she didn't know but her lungs were burning, her lips were on fire. She was one fire. It ended in a second. She stared at him with wide eyes as he stared back. His hand traced her forehead, nose, lips and then chin as it stopped on her throat. She knew, by God she knew he could feel her pulse, the heat on her cheeks. "I'm home." *********** Dean Woodland left two years ago before his last year of high school without a word, without a note but now he's back to take back the belonging he left behind. (Book I of the His/Her series.) (Completed) For weekly updates, you can visit Dreame website. Link is down below. https://www.dreame.com/novel/1975567.html


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Her, To H...
by Grey_Storm117