The Perfect End
By ori0912_23
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This story is basically about the end of tokyo revengers but more in a detailed way. What happened after Toman got disbanded? What did everyone do? And how did they all get what they got in 11 years? This is my first story so, pls no hate. 🙏 I decided to add some arcs and moments that are not canon, and a little bit from some characters' backstory that were not shown and are not canon. ❗️This story might contain: blood, violence, bl, fluff❗️ idk if it will yet, because this story is still on going and I can't say for sure. But I will put TW for each chapter so you know if any of the followings will appear. I think of writing about mitsuyaxhakai, izanaxkakucho, kokoxinui because I really like those ships, but they still might not be in the story. Ofcourse this story will contain takehina and emmaken💞. (who doesn't like those ships anyways) Also, if you didn't read/finish reading the tr manga, I suggest you do it before reading the story. I do not own the cover! There might be some grammar issues so, sorry. And I hope you all enjoy reading it.💖

Chapter 1

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The Perfe...
by ori0912_23