Light Amidst the Ch...
By ImInAllLanes
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Loreli Fischer had it all. A loving mom and dad, a sister and a nephew who were her best friends, and everything seemed perfect. Though, nothing in Gotham was ever perfect. Loreli possessed the power to manipulate the elements. Her mother was an airbender, her father and sister were fire breathers, and her nephew was born normal. Her parents were close friends with Bruce Wayne, which made her close to the Robins he had. Dick Grayson, whom her sister was in love with, and Jason Todd. Jason was Loreli's best friend and was always there for her. At least he was until he suddenly left with a note saying he was off to San Francisco and to call when she was in the area. That came sooner than she expected. Loreli was 18 when her entire world flipped upside down. She found her parents and sister dead, her nephew hiding in his closet wrapped in a blanket unharmed. Now she was caring for a 4 year old and couldn't stay in Gotham. The only place to go is San Francisco. DISCLAIMER: ALL THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT LORELI AND HER FAMILY BELONG TO DC AND HBO. ROSE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS THIS IS MY OWN PLOTLINE. JASON DOESNT TURN EVIL.

Ch 1

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Light Ami...
by ImInAllLanes