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#complete# Prerna and Rishabh also know as Mr. and Mrs. Bajaj, from Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. It was a tv show from star Plus. Recently I have been reading a lot of storys that has prerna and rishabh as the lead's but I didn't really like them I mean it was good but not my type. So I thought that I should do one of my own part this will be a bit different and a bit same from the show. I use to see the show when it was new. But now I don't really remember it. Hopefully you will like this kzk2 my verizon, most of the characters are from the show only and all the pictures are from Google. Guys if you are a anurag and prerna fan then don't read it but if you are a prerna and Rishabh fan like me then you are welcome and if you are both then too but please don't comment bad. Please read and hopefully you like it.

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