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By iThreat
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(Modified Series, book 1) After genetic testing to create super soldiers, a percentage of the general population has inherited genetic modifications, giving them special abilities. There are schools and programs to help individuals learn about their modifications and how to control them; so when a new student joins late into a specialized school, it raises a few questions. Avery has a nightmare-like modification, and struggles to fit in. He's never had much of the special training his peers have had, and has lived most of his life in seclusion. Monroe on the other hand lives under the namesake of his father, who is a kingpin within the Bureau that specializes with modifications. Avery's background, or lack thereof, doesn't stop Monroe from developing a crush on him though. Avery might also be just the person that Monroe needs around when a strange man is reported lurking on campus and has a vendetta against Monroe's father.

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