Three Seeds
By Clever_Username
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  • historicalfiction
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  • mythology
  • persephone
  • pomegranate
  • reunited
  • underworld
  • zeus


Greek mythology. A retelling of the goddess Persephone's story. Persephone is a young, beautiful but insecure goddess. Her father Zeus arranged her marriage to Hades, the god of the Underworld, but she refused to marry such an evil god. After being kidnapped, she finds that her father arranged that, too. Stuck in the Underworld, betrayed and lonely in a miserable marriage, she vows to get away...until she starts to realize her husband isn't so bad, after all. When escape is offered she accepts it, but realizes she is stuck forever in the Underworld...and isn't as upset as she should be. Her family is, however, and it seems like Persephone will never get a break.

Three Seeds

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Three See...
by Clever_Username